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Water, Hygiene & Sanitation

IST is constructing a solar powered water project in Lacor market in Gulu aimed at improving access to safe water, promoting safety and hygiene for reduced incidences of diseases and health risks among market communities. The project will benefit 600 families in and around the market.

Many open markets in Uganda, which are the main workplaces for women in the informal sector, women decry of poor Sanitation and hygiene conditions and the need for access to safe water in these market communities. The sudden outbreak of the global pandemic COVID-19 has aggravated the situation extensively being revealed even by media coverage that majority of markets in Uganda are operating under very poor sanitation and hygiene conditions with poor facilities.

This also justifies the reason why there has been several attempts to close many markets that do not meet the standards.  Safe water, sanitation, and hygiene services are very critical in this emergency period as the world is battling with curbing down the deadly Corona Virus disease. Emphasis on ensuring accessibility to safe water, positive behavioral practices like regular hand washing are such an essential part of preventing and protecting human health to avoid possibility of incidences of disease infections and spread. IST has only been able to reach out to only one market and the need for more facilities in other markets remains unmet and calls for immediate intervention and reach.

The Lacor Market Water and Sanitation project is being implemented with support from Korea Hope Foundation and Reginald Seawright III.