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Transformational Leadership

We have trained over 40,000 women entrepreneurs in leadership, voice, rights and power, human and women’s rights. Majority of whom have taken on leadership at different levels; markets, local government, religious institutions and other platforms. IST boasts of having 1 woman in the current parliament of Uganda who we groomed and other 20 who have contested for leadership to represent their respective areas.

The women are organized into strong groups & associations to collectivize their voice and participate in market decision making. Through their voice and power, market women have used the media to advocate for policy changes and demanded recognition for their contribution towards the development of the economy. 

In 2017, IST established and held The National Market Women Entrepreneurs Symposium, a Forum which is held annually attracting market women from across the country to share experiences, network for women entrepreneurs to create more business opportunities and meet stake holders to front their issues for action and unveiled their importance in the economy. To date, the forum has been attended by over 3000 market women, men, leaders, government officials, development partners, ministries and the media fraternity.