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Training for Transformation Approach

IST uses the world’s renowned Training for Transformation methodology as a key tool to energize a new quality of leadership that is committed to the people, their rights and the transformation of their conditions. The methodology helps people to build structures which enable people to become self-reliant, and do social analysis to help them find the root causes of their problems.

As a result, IST has supported 42 women and men from Uganda to do the Advanced Training for Transformation Diploma course in South Africa. These women are now applying this methodology in the many organizations where they work. Emphasis is placed on individual commitment, joint reflection, and action with others in order to transform small groups, institutions, communities, and the wider society.

We are now building a critical mass of youth trainers in the TFT methodology who are currently undergoing the certificate course in Uganda. In addition, since working with different partners, IST has added the powerful Gender Action Learning Systems (GALS) and SASA! methodologies to its repertoire of tools to help families & communities analyze and plan their future through a process of visioning.

To date, IST has built the capacity of 27 civil society organizations including 17 Oxfam Novib and 10 Trocaire partner organizations. These do work in a range of areas; governance and social accountability, education, agriculture and livelihoods, health, microfinance, animal health, peace and security, climate change, Information Communication Technology, Finance and Budget accountability. IST has implemented a project on gender mainstreaming for the seventeen Oxfam partner organizations and communities.