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Laws, Policies & Regulation

The informal sector where markets lie operates under the shadow of non-clarified and gender irresponsive law; the Market Act 1942. The governance structures, infrastructure, services, facilities, regulations, mechanisms of taxation, and redress are much wanting. This has crippled the development interventions directed to the informal sector of the markets operations that is highly comprised of women. The old Act escalates women’s discrimination and abuse in market spaces.

We developed Gender Responsive Guidelines to promote clear referral pathways for violence free markets and safety for women and girls were developed and adopted by markets.

IST continues to organize to influence policy and inclusion for women in markets. We have held a series of multi-level advocacy and accountability dialogues with key stakeholders who include members of parliament, line ministries, local government, market leadership and civil society players aimed at the repeal of the Market Act 1942 and implementation of the gender responsive guidelines/ policies related to the informal sector.

IST has progressed in steering the efforts to influence the repeal of the old Markets Act of 1942. Being a highly contentious Bill, a lot of advocacy and consultations are still needed to ensure it is repealed and enacted into law.