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Gender Relations; GBV, Conversation Circles & Male Engagement

Over the years, IST has learnt from the previous engagements that male entrepreneurs in markets are not aware of human and women’s rights which contribute to violence against women manifestations in these markets. Therefore, IST organized GBV Male Conversation circles or trainings which were piloted in the markets of Nakawa, Kalerwe Bivamuntuuyo, Ntinda, Gulu main, Cerealeno and Lacor. The conversations raise their awareness on Human and Women’s Rights issues so as to eliminate violence against women in the market but also use the knowledge gained to prevent and respond to Violence against Women in their intimate relationships, families and communities. The conversations provide a platform for men to learn and share on the ways they can challenge gender stereotypes and the negative social norms, attitudes and behaviors that make men perpetuate violence against women and girls in the markets. Over 1000 men in markets have benefited from this programme.

In 2016, IST with support from UN Women conducted a study on: “Women’s access to markets and the nature and extend of GBV experienced by market women.” It revealed that 71% of the market women reported that they knew at least a woman who had been abused and had their rights violated in the past one month, 57% of the market women agreed they have ever experienced violence at work in the markets and at home. This study has informed the different interventions IST has conducted in the different markets which also include; Ending Violence Against Women/Girls trainings for market leaders and market communities, conversation circles with young women in markets who are said to experience more violence and harassment in markets.