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Call for Consultancy to conduct an Internal Audit

Terms of reference for Consultancy to conduct an Internal Audit

1.0 Introduction

The Institute for Social Transformation (IST) was established in 2006 as a non-governmental organization (NGO), with the primary goal of developing a new quality of leadership that is committed to the transformation of people it serves and promoting a more just society with an inclusive development approach in Eastern Africa. Over the years, IST has established itself as a capacity building, innovative and transformative organization that empowers communities especially women, with skills and tools to discover and maximize their potential. The organization supports women to initiate, own and control development programs that impact on their livelihoods.

The work of IST is engrossed in the philosophy of Paulo Freire, whose essence of the approach centers on the ability of groups and individuals to read their reality by identifying root causes of their problems and then take control to change their lives for the better. IST applies the reputable Training for Transformation methodology as a key tool to energize a new quality of leadership that is committed to the people, their rights and transformation of their conditions.


“A society where Gender Justice and equality is realized”


IST strives to develop the capacity for critical thinking for efficient, effective leadership, gender equality, and transformational learning through capacity building, Innovation, and advocacy for the marginalized majority.

Currently implementing projects in Kampala, Busia, Gulu, and Iganga Districts.

2.0.      The rationale to Conduct an Internal Audit from January to June 2020

IST’s financial year runs from 1ST January to 31ST December of each year. As an accounting requirement, the Organization carries out an external audits which is yet to be concluded. However, there is need by management to conduct an internal audit for the period January to June 2020 to ascertain the organizational financial position,   tracking of program implementation, M&E effectiveness, ascertain the gaps in the accounting system, Procurement procedures, Human resource management, governance, measure the efficiency and effectiveness in running the programs and asset management. IST, therefore, seeks to outsource this function for the period of January to June 2020.

Objectives of the Consultancy

The overall objective of the Internal Audit is to establish/review the compliance to systems, program implementation efficiency & effectiveness, and mitigation key risks.

To establish whether all organizational information is well managed, securely stored, and easily achieved or not.

Scope of the Consultancy

The Consultant will carry out financial, program, and M&E implementation internal audit.

Compliance to Systems:

  1. Review appropriateness, adequacy, and compliance with internal controls and policies and procedures and applicable financial and internal audit standards.
  2. Review the extent to which Organization’s assets are safeguarded against losses arising from fraud and other offenses, wasteful or inefficient administration (value for money).
  • Review completeness, adequacy, and appropriateness of financial and operational records maintained by the
  1. Review adherence to statutory (tax compliance and NGO registration) and regulatory
  2. Review the effectiveness and utilization of the accounting software and system(s).
  3. Confirm the progress made in closing out prior year management letter items

Programme implementation efficiency & effectiveness:

  1. Review the extent of the achievement of the strategic plan objectives;
  2. Review compliance with the M&E system;
  • Ensure that IST program financial results are recorded accurately; and
  1. Identify key organizational risks and advise management

4.0.      Expected deliverables

Inception report:

The consultant will be expected to produce and submit an inception report for review by the IST team within 3 working days after signing the contract. The inception report is expected to highlight a clear matrix that shows the key information points that will be explored during the audit period. The inception report will be preceded by a meeting with the IST team to outline expectations for the assignment, including the key deliverables.

Draft work plan and report:

The Consultant will submit a draft audit report for discussion to IST. The Consultant shall incorporate changes and develop a final report.

Final Audit work plan and report:

To have a set of interim financial statements that will be audited by the external auditors in addition to opportunities and threats in addition to pragmatic recommendations to explore and address these.

5.0.      Duration

The final deliverables are to be submitted within 2 weeks upon signing the Contract. IST wishes to commission this Audit by 31st July 2020 and the final output to be submitted not later than 10th August 2020.

The Deadline for submission of both Financial and Technical Proposal is 20th July 2020.

6.0.      Requirements

This assignment requires sound financial, managerial, organizational development skills, and experience to be able to do a holistic institutional internal audit engagement.

7.0.      Additional Requirements

A Masters in Finance and Accounting, Project Planning and Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Professional qualification of ICPAU, ACCA, CIA or IIA membership

Evidence of doing similar work for Non-Governmental Organizations in Uganda.

8.0.      How to Apply

Bidders with relevant qualifications and experience in Institutional internal audit should submit both financial and technical proposals delivered in-person to IST offices on Plot 255 Ssebwa Road Ntinda, Kiwatule near the National Council for Higher Education Kyambogo in a sealed envelope.

Deadline: July 20th, 2020 at 4:00 pm.

For more information contact email & telephone, Telephone: 0774043071

  • Statement of how you suggest to support, and the indication of availability to carry out the tasks.
  • Proposals should be delivered not later than 16:00hrs on October 2nd 2019 at the address below:

    Plot 390 Sebowa Zone
    Kiwatule, Kampala Uganda.

Legal Counsel

Institute for Social Transformation strives to develop capacity of women and youth to champion gender justice, and equality, transformational leadership, and learning through capacity building, innovation and advocacy. It envisions a society where people value and enjoy socio economic and gender justice. IST values, Equality Professionalism, Integrity, Accountability, Innovation A non-government organization founded and registered in 2006.

Job Description

The Institute for Social Transformation is seeking for a lawyer to provide services in the key broad areas of legal and advisory services, factual investigation, legal research, and analysis. The objective is to provide comprehensive legal support to the management and governance of the organization. The services will be hired on the basis of a retainer arrangement.


2 – 3 Years

Employment Type

Full Time

Who are you?

The Consultant will provide legal services

  • Offering written and oral legal opinion on legal matters that arise from time to time.
  • Offering evaluation and self-diagnosis.
  • Draft legal documents and process them through the required stages.
  • Review contract templates as well as sample of existing or past contracts of staff and external service providers and make recommendations for enhancing these to better reflect the requirements of relevant country legislation. The sample of contracts and the recommendations may include those for which there were or are ongoing disputes.
  • Prepare and submit for discussion, a report of the findings of the contract review and contract management process at the coordinating unit and recommendations for their enhancement.
  • Prepare and submit enhanced contract templates for use in various areas.
  • Prepare and submit for discussion, a report of the findings of the contract review and contract management process and share recommendations for their enhancement.
  • Legal research and analysis as and when required.

Submission of proposal

Eligible Consultant(s) should submit technical and financial proposals by electronic format.

Proposals not more than 5(five) pages should also include:

  • Statement of how you suggest to support, and the indication of availability to carry out the tasks.
  • Proposals should be delivered not later than 16:00hrs on October 2nd 2019 at the address below:

    Plot 390 Sebowa Zone
    Kiwatule, Kampala Uganda.

The Institute for Social Transformation (IST) is the East African home for Training for Transformation.