Gender Relations

Gender relations refer to relations between men and women that are socially determined by culture, religion, or socially acceptable ways of thinking or being. These relationships between men and women, as they exist in most societies, are characterised by the marginalisation of women in decision making and other forms of power sharing in the home and places of authority. The economic exploitation of women and extensive violence to the person and psyche of women the problem of unequal gender relations is both personal and systemic. This is giving rise to gender-based violence, death, poverty of families, neglect of children and a variety of societal dysfunctions In the interest of justice, empowerment and the development of families and communities, these relations need to be analysed and new solutions found for their transformation. The problem will need to be analysed both from its personal and systemic roots.

This thematic area aims at helping men and women revisit the quality and consequences of the relationships as they are experienced now by both and by children in addition to coming up with new ways of relating that empower and enhance the quality of life of all those involved. It also aims at helping practitioners of various disciplines gain the capacity to understand how the problem applies in their own area of work and practice new skills of redressing it.