Career Opportunities

Institute for Social Transformation strives to develop capacity of women and youth to champion
gender justice, and equality, transformational leadership, and learning through capacity building,
innovation and advocacy. It envisions a society where people value and enjoy socio economic
and gender justice. IST values, Equality Professionalism, Integrity, Accountability, Innovation
A non-government organization founded and registered in 2006.
The Institute for Social Transformation is seeking for a lawyer to provide services in the key
broad areas of legal and advisory services, factual investigation, legal research and analysis.
The objective is to provide comprehensive legal support to the management and governance of
the organization. The services will be hired on the basis of a retainer arrangement.
Scope of work
The Consultant will provide legal services
Legal Services
 Offering written and oral legal opinion on legal matters that arise from time to time
 Offering evaluation and self-diagnosis
 Draft legal documents and process them through the required stages.
 Review contract templates as well as sample of existing or past contracts of staff and
external service providers and make recommendations for enhancing these to better
reflect the requirements of relevant country legislation. The sample of contracts and the
recommendations may include those for which there were or are ongoing disputes
 Prepare and submit for discussion, a report of the findings of the contract review and
contract management process at the coordinating unit and recommendations for their
 Prepare and submit enhanced contract templates for use in various areas
 Prepare and submit for discussion, a report of the findings of the contract review and
contract management process and share recommendations for their enhancement; and
 Legal research and analysis as and when required.
Eligible Consultant(s) should submit technical and financial proposals by electronic format.
Proposals not more than 5(five) pages should also include.
Statement of how you suggest to support, and the indication of availability to carry out the tasks
Proposals should be delivered not later than 16:00hrs on October 2nd 2019 at the address
below: email: atukwasarita@gmail.comToRs Legal services Sept 29th 2019